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वर्णन: On the auspicious ocassion of #Saraswathi Pooja - celebrating the energy behind all life and creation, we bring you renowned carnatic music duo #Ranjani&Gayatri sharing their thoughts on empowered women followed by a tribute to the Goddess by the extremely talented #RahulVellal.

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Global Adjustments Foundation’s mission is to empower women in school, college and workforce by providing them with emotional, physical and #leadershipskills. Unlike other training programs, Global Adjustments Foundation's life #coaching focuses on building the inner strength of women with an emphasis on #mindfulliving.

Over 65, 000 women, including homepreneurs, IT workers, nurses, police, soldiers, students and teachers, have participated in our interactive workshops and benefitted from our modules.

As programs are run free of cost for participants, Global Adjustments Foundation depends on corporates and individuals to champion the movement.

- - -

If you are a manager in a corporate organization, college or high school, please invite Global Adjustments Foundation to hold a mock-up seminar to empower women in your institutions.

The seminars will be free of cost for the institution and the trainees. Content can be tailor-made on request.

Email Usha Ramakrishnan, Director at Global Adjustments Foundation, at usha@globaladjustments for more details

Champion a Woman - She will build a Nation!
#championawoman #championwomen

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