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  • श्रेणी: Agam

वर्णन: "Mist of Capricorn" from Agam's sophomore album "A Dream To Remember"

Based on "Manavyalakincharadate" composed by Saint Thyagaraja ( 1767 – 1847 ) in the raaga Nalinakaanti set to Deshadi Taala.

"This song wouldn't have been possible without the stellar effort from the following people - Padmashree Smt. Aruna Sairam with whom we performed the song for the first ever time in 2015. Shaju Vaadiyil who worked tirelessly for months together to create the ethereal strings section. Prashant Gnanamuthu for pulling off the near unthinkable putting together a 50 piece choir, rehearsing it and performing it to perfection. Sajith Pappan for the groovy tavil sections. As always, Hriday Goswami for the definitive, lush, bright and large sound that this song deserves. A special word of gratitude to all the musicians that worked with us on this track. Last but not the least, Munz, Clint, Amal, Sangeeth, Akhil, Jayesh, Wazim, Anglin, Soozy, Tillana and the whole video production team for capturing the emotions on this song delightfully well. " - Agam.


Music conceived, arranged and produced by Agam.
Co-produced, Recorded and Mixed by Hriday Goswami
Mastered by Frank Arkwright ( Abbey Road, London )

Guitars: Praveen
Rhythm Guitars: Jagadish
Keys: Swamy
Percussions: Shiva
Bass: Aditya
Vocals: Harish
Drums: Yadhunandan

Thavil: Sajith

Strings conducted and arranged by: Shaaju Vaadiyil
Strings performed by: Shaaju Vaadiyil, Jose Jacob, Francis Sebastian, Francis Xavier, Jain Purushothaman, Saji Kumar, Manikandan, Seenu.

Choir arranged and conducted by: Prashanth Gnanamuthu
Choir performed by: Christ University Choir

Vincy Cicily, Demitra Castelino, Deeksha Balakrishna, Ahanna Herbert, Atheena Herbert, Moulya B R, Evangeline, Nikita Ann, Smruthi, Reeja, Akanksha, Oshin Tresa Francis, Aninditha Rao, Swetha Mathews, Sanjana N, Joanna Maria Vinukant, Mariam Jaza, Nikita Xavier, Angel, Sangeetha, Jane, Samhitha, Allen Peter Stanley, Sumadhur Anoor, Chessil, Sasmith Ananth, Rhea Samuel, Shwetha, Keerthana, Medha S Nidhi, Rakshitha Sridharan, Swathi, Niharika Pramod, Shivani K R, Sushmitha V, Arundathi, Shambavi, Sameeksha, Michelle, Aishwarya

Thank you Christ University management for your support.

Video Director: Munz TDT
DOP: Clint Soman
Associate Camera: Anglin Correyo
Associate Director: Akhil Unnikrishnan
Chief Associate: Jayesh Mohan
Art: Vinita Sudharman
Editing and coloring: Amal Ayyappan
Assistant Directors: Vimal Dev, Prajeshwar
Costume: Thillana Madhu
Executive Producer: Sangeeth Ram
Production Controller: Wazim Hyder
Title animation: Euonians
Special thanks: Hareesh, Jojo, Printo, Rejoy Yesudas, Sachin, Binoy, Pranoy
Location: Tamarind Tree, Bangalore


Language: Telugu

manavyAḷakinca rAdaṭE
marmamella telpedanE manasA

ghanuḍaina rAma candruni
karuṇAntaraṅgamu telisina nA

karma kAṇḍa matAkṛṣṭulai bhava
gahana cArulai gAsi jendaga
kani mAnavAvatAruḍai
kanipiñcinAḍE naḍata tyAgarAju


O My Mind!
Won’t You listen to my appeal who knows the compassionate heart of the great SrI rAmacandra? I am revealing all the secrets.

Seeing the people suffer as wanderers in the forest of Worldly existence, attracted by the opinions as contained in the Section of Ritualistic Actions of vEdas, the Lord having embodied as a human being, exemplified the right conduct;
therefore, won’t You listen to the appeal of this tyAgarAja?

http: thyagaraja-vaibhavam. blogspot. in 2007 11 thyagaraja-kriti-manavinaalakincha-raga. html

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