• दृश्य: 5 176 272
  • मुझे यह पसंद है: 41 698
  • मुझे यह नापसंद है: 2 576
  • टिप्पणियां: 1 319
  • समय: 00:05:17
  • तिथि: 2015.06.16T18:42:55
  • श्रेणी: Gomtesh Upadhye

वर्णन: Pallivalu bhadravattakam is a Music Video celebrating womanhood. A Malayalam Folklore Depicting Godess Kali fighting over evil. Music direction and arrangements by Sanjeev Thomas with lead vocals by Sayanora Philip.

The video has been shot in the beautiful state of Karnataka and the climax in Kerala.

Music Direction by Sanjeev Thomas
Music Video Shot and Directed by Gomtesh Upadhye

Complete Cast and Crew Details
Music Video Team
Music Video featuring Sowmya Jaganmurthy and Divya Shetty Shridhar
Story-Direction-Cinematography by Gomtesh Upadhye
Second Cinematographer Ak Shay N
Aerial Cinematography - Arvind S Kashyap
Colorist grading - Vipin Singh
Production Manager Kuntady Nithesh
Assistant to DOP Milind Munavalli and Shashi Kanth
Text animation Surya Vasishta

Thank you
The Children of Hebri
Mahesh Bekal ( for the bike used in Hebri and around)
Haridas Hegde & Latha Hegde ( nithesh parents ) for their Love, food and hospitality
Krishnayya Hegde and Amanni Hegde ( Nitheshs grand parents)

Pawan Kumar For the equipment and for something you will know when you see the video.
Gowtham Shravan Kumar ( helped us in the initial cast hunt)
Kay Kay Kandi ( for our initial script discussions)
Anup J Kattukaran for introducing Priyank Prem Kumar for his editing inputs.
Bhaskar Simha for his efforts.

Musician Credits:
Music direction and arrangements - Sanjeev Thomas
Sayanora Philip - Vocals
Sanjeev Thomas - Guitars
Santhosh Chandran - Banjo
Anish Drummer - Cajon
Aju Ambattu - Flute
Ralfin Stephen - Keys
Roop Thomas Philip - Bass
Mix and Master - Bijin Mathew (In the mix Studios, Mumbai)

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