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  • श्रेणी: Shweta Mohan

वर्णन: A Mother's love is the purest love. This video is a humble gift to my mother, Sujatha Mohan, on her 50th birthday and a universal dedication to all mothers across the globe. A special 'Thank you' to my guru, Smt. Binni Krishnakumar, for teaching me this beautiful composition. It was while she was explaining the profundity of the lyrics to me, teary-eyed, that I had an overwhelming desire to perform the song, dedicating it to my mom. Thanks to Navneeth, my husband Ashwin, my dear friends and everybody else who helped me bring this out.

Song originally composed by Mahakavi Subramanya Bharati
Arranged by Navneeth Sundar
Sung by Shweta Mohan

Piano quintet:
Piano - Navneeth Sundar
1st Violin - B. Yensone
2nd Violin - Prabhu
Viola - Vinay Kumar
Cello - Seenu

D. O. P - Ilayaraja
Editor - Pannir. T
Executive producer - Boopathy Johnpaul. R
Produced by - KGM group
Directed by - N. Ramesh

Video by Maria Dreamz
Creative Team - Anand and Logesh
Mixing and Mastering - Navneeth Sundar

Recorded at Voice and Vision Studios, Chennai
Recording Engineer - Robin Joseph
Video shot at Musee Musicals, Chennai

Special thanks to
Kishore Das of Musee Musicals
Elangovan for co-ordination

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