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  • तिथि: 2018.05.01T10:59:34
  • श्रेणी: Global Adjustments Foundation

वर्णन: Aikya is an annual fundraiser concert which Global Adjustments Foundation has been putting together for 9 years now.

Aikya 2018 had the most invigorating music of well known and devotional songs that we have all been raised with praising Lord Rama. Rama here stands for the joy in our own heart. Songs that are being rendered range from Rama Nannu Brovara, Pibare Rama Rasam to popular bhajan Payoji Maine. The speciality of the concert is that it brings together amazing genres of music. Percussions that are exhilarating and a nadhaswaram, performed by a 19 year old nadhaswaram artiste are added to uplift the entire musical experience.

The show has music renderings by extremely talented Sid Sriram as well as the very young child prodigy of Rahul Vellal.
Music arranged and curated by Sid Sriram for Aikya.

Watch more videos from the concert:

We thank Suhasini Maniratnam for presenting Aikya to the world. She is a national award winning actor and women’s activist also serves on the advisory board of Aikya.

Global Adjustments Foundation provides life coaching to maximise the emotional, physical and leadership skills of women. Over 40, 000 women, including homepreneurs, IT workers, nurses, police, soldiers, students and teachers, have participated in our interactive workshops and benefitted from our modules.

As programs are run free of cost for participants, Global Adjustments Foundation depends on corporates and individuals to champion the movement.

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