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  • समय: 00:06:27
  • तिथि: 2018.05.01T15:55:05
  • श्रेणी: Sivanesan Ramdass

वर्णन: "Alar nee! Agilam nee! "

We do not own any copyrights of this song. This is purely a work to showcase our talents and creativity. We do not intend to make any profit through this. With all respect, we do know that we could never get close to the quality or to the originality of the official video (which is yet to be released). As always, this is purely a work by fans, for the fans of this beautiful composition.

Sivanesan Ramdass

Durga Devi Nisha

Directed by:
Sivanesan Ramdass

Production Manager:
Arulmary Arulapen

Assistant Production Manager:
Sashvin Raj Batumalai

Visuals team:
Visvesvanan Saravanan

Kohilavani RK

Edited & colored by:
Sivanesan Ramdass

https: instagram sivanesan. ramdass

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